Event Results

June 28, 2016

Stable View Show
Lisa and Denny 4th 60.8% first level 3
Alice and Sunny 2nd 64% first level 1
Marilyn and Silver FEI PSG 3rd 61.84%
Melissa and Awel 2nd 66% FEI Interm 1
Sandra and William 2nd 61.09% 2nd -3
Julie and Kid 3rd 59.6 1st-1
Sharon and Theo 5th 60% 1st -3

Tryon Dressage Show
Melissa and Awel 1st FEI Interm 1 68%
Sandra and William 4th in 2nd 3 63%
Marilyn and silver 3rd 60% FEI PSG
Melissa and Sandaro 4th training 4 with 70%

Schooling jumpers
Darrell and Henry 1st
Darrell and Luca 4th
Darrell and Sully 3rd
Jane and GQ earned 2nd and 3rd in progressive and TB!
Amarinthia and Zappa 3rd in Equitation on flat and O/F and also a 4th in medal!

Event Results

December 5, 2015

We had a great weekend out competing with our clients at Sporting Days Farm! Thank you to Sporting Days and all the volunteers for their hard work!

In Beginner Novice we brought home blue and red!

Shawna Dietrich and Nando finished in 1st place Beginner Novice! Huge congrats!
Jane Manetta and George finished in 2nd place Beginner Novice!
These two fabulously tied after dressage for second place, went into XC tied for first and had a difference of 1 second to break the optimum time tie!!!
Congrats to Nancy Marks and Sky finished 6th in Novice decision! Way to go!
Sharon Yapoujain and Theo rocked around to finish on their dressage score in their second training level event!

What a fantastic weekend for everyone! Congrats to you all!

Event Results

December 5, 2015

Nancy and Taz were 5th in fox hunter class
Jane and GQ were 2nd in Open Hunters, beaten for 1st by just one point!
Nancy / Sky and Jane/ GQ were 4th in Hunt Pairs.


Christina and GameBoy earned their first qualifying scores at PSG with a 62% for second place.

Adrian and Boomer win most improved with a 55% Saturday to a 69% Sunday. Well Done!!

Sandra McDonald and William earned two great scores 65% and 69% at first three to start their way toward their bronze medal and brining home two third places.

Alice and Sunny brought home an impressive 70% which is her highest score to date.

Sharon and Theo earned a 64.8% at first level test 1.

Janet Hawkins' Bravoire earned a 69% in 3rd 3 with Melissa.

Melissa and Awel brought back a win in the open PSG Saturday and a second place day two with a high score of 67%.

Melissa and Walter improved their score to a 63% at PSG and still have some getting use to each other to do.

I am so thankful for everyone coming out to support us and for a great weekend.

Thanks so much to melody At custom Saddlery and Vincent and Carly at Sagmae for their continued support. And of course our hard working team behind the scenes.

Event Results

May 9, 2015

Congratulations to Robin Oliver and Mahogany on their 3rd place finish at Chattahoochee Hills in Open Novice!
Congratulations to Jessica Miller and Gently on their 2nd place finish at the Heart of the Carolinas in Open Training!

Sure Class is Sold & Event Results

February 01, 2015

Full Gallop Farm: Congrats to Deirdre Vaillancourt and First Date on their sixth place finish at Full Gallop Farm Horse Trials! This was their first beginner novice horse trials together! Great job!

Sure Class is SOLD! We wanted to convey special thanks to Ellen Geddes.

Sporting Days Horse Trials: Congrats to team Mozer- Darrell and Mozer finished 5th in Novice at Sporting Days this past weekend on a 25.

Full Gallop Farm Event

November 2, 2014

Smiles all around as Lauren and River had a great day finishing 4th and received 3rd for the OTTB award. Robin and Mozer were 5th and this was Robin's first sanctioned event. Jessica and Gently had a good day with a small glitch, always something to improve and learn from, but that is horses! Great job ladies all your hard work is paying off! Looking forward to Jumping Branch and Pine Top!

Event at Stableview

September 28, 2014

Darrell and First Date "Moe" at Stable View this past weekend. A great finish for the first event of the season. Looking forward to Paradise in a few weeks, then Deirdre will be taking the reins at Full Gallop in November.