About Darrell Vaughn

Darrell Vaughn has been a Head Trainer with The Stable On The Woods since 2006.


Growing up on a horse farm in New York, there wasn’t much that Darrell didn’t try on horseback. Today, we’d call it natural horsemanship, desensitization, behavioral therapy and western equitation. But Darrell’s true loves were jumping and a fasci-nation with the ancient Eastern healing art known as Reiki. After a stint in the Marines, Darrell rode the A circuit for hunters and jumpers for 10 years. He received top tutelage from Ralph Caristo and Buddy Brown. He was in charge of prepping horses for Adult Amateurs for the show ring: hunters, jumpers and equitation mounts.

Darrell spent years with Michael Paige learning about the biomechanics of horses.

Reflecting on the rigors these horses undergo from indoor shows to winters in Wel-lington, he vowed to make it his priority to help horses. His love of horses and his relationships with them are the driving factors to what he does now. He has devel-oped deep insight into horse behavior that is often misunderstood. Patience, under-standing and a passion for equine fitness are his calling cards today